Packing for a road trip....Toddler edition

I love summer time and it just screams ROAD TRIP! I love summer trips, OK, I love ALL trips but there's just something about summer road trips that brings me back to high school and childhood adventures. Ladybug and I will be joining my sister and niece for the first "official" one this summer. We are headed to Spokane this weekend. Its a short trip but since I haven't gone on one with my sister since before I was even thinking about being a mom, it should be a BLAST. Anyway, I am sure I will have at least one post about all that later. Today I want to share some of my tips for packing for kids. 

I've discovered it is a WHOLE lot easier to pack for just Ladybug and not both girls. One because, its only half the outfits to figure out and I dont have to worry about diapers, and all that jazz. Though, since Bug is still little I want to make sure I have all the essentials and spare clothes. 

The left two pictures are all the clothes that will be going. The top is the before and the bottom is the after. Look how much room is saved! Since, Ladybug and I will spend Saturday on foot exploring downtown Spokane, I want to make sure she has tennis shoes. However, I do not want dirt every where. The solution, a shower cap. This is an old one from a previous hotel stay that I use over and over again but they can be bought super cheap at Dollar tree. I love this for a couple of reasons. Of course, it helps keep clothes clean but it also makes it easy to find the shoes. They are secure and together in the shower cap so I don't have to dig too much. The bottom right is all of Bug's hair accessories. I try to pick things that can be bent and will handle the time in the luggage. I also like to keep them all together so getting ready in the morning is a breeze.
To pack all the clothes and save space, I use gallon sized zip lock bags. Each outfit or ones that coordinate (ex. the travel outfits or PJ's) go in the same bag. I've seen the bags then labeled but I prefer to use the bags over again until they break or get a hole so I leave them as is. Plus, I can easily see what is in each bag and have a good knowledge of what each one is for. I also put all the extra clothes in an extra bag.

As far as choosing clothes, I want to make sure Ladybug will be comfortable and that the outfits can be interchangeable or longer pants/sweater can be added in case the weather is cold. Since, Ladybug is 4 now and has her own sense of fashion I wanted to make sure she got to help in the choosing process. She got to pick a travel outfit and extra outfit and then together we picked out the rest. 

Here's the run down:

Top left: travel outfits- I needed something that was easy to maneuver in case of emergency potty stops but also comfortable. Since we will be in a car for 6+ hours, I wanted clothes that would be cool so she doesn't over heat.
Top right- I also bring a couple different jackets. She loves her dance hoodie and it will be great for nights or on the go. The jean jacket matches every outfit and is a little heavy. The jean jacket will go in my travel bag in case Ladybug gets cold on our journey. 
Middle left- Spare travel outfit, this is for just in case. Ladybug is potty trained but on long trips you just never know. I picked something that would fit in a smaller bag so it wouldn't take up too much room in our travel bags. 
Middle right: This outfit is for Saturday. We will be doing a lot of walking and exploring. I wanted her to be comfortable but able to be a kid so we went with shorts and a comfy tank top. Also, this outfit works with tennis shoes or flip flops. 
The bottom two- these are fairly self explanatory. Pj's and extra clothes. Still sticking to the comfy but fun theme. 


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