School, dance and Harley

I feel so behind on my blog. I've managed to keep up with some of the little stuff but haven't had a chance to post the mile stones of the last week and half. So, bare with me as this could be a long post.

I want to start but welcoming my beautiful new niece into the world and family. Little Love was born on May 16th glaring and stubborn. I am madly in love with you, lil girl and can't wait to watch you grow up. You fit so perfectly in our family with the perfect mixture of sweet and stubborn. Congrats also to her mommy, daddy, and big brothers. You guys are all so wonderful and I am so proud to call you family. My love to you all. 

The following Saturday, May 18th, Ladybug had her first big dance recital. To say I am proud is an understate of extremes. This whole experience of Ladybug and dancing has been an emotional year and dream. Watching her dance on stage was breath taking. My mommy heart went through a range of emotions. I wish, I had danced more as a kid and seeing Ladybug begin to love not only one of my passions but one of her Yaya's as well, is beyond words. 
She was embarrassed of lil sis's yelling. lol

I love the attitude here!

The lil click
Waving to her groupies

Curtain call

Before the big show!

Though its a horrible phone pic this is by far one of my favorite. Jozy congratulating big sis after the show. 

Before the show.........Love her boots

From the moment we found out she was a girl, I picture the moment she would dance under the spot light but it was nothing compared to the smile and personality that shown through on stage. The conquering of nerves and pure joy she had was blissful for me. She wasn't the perfect dancer, or the one completely forgetting the routine. But she was completely her. She danced the parts she knew and added her own twist to others. She was perfectly her. 

I sat there in awe soaking up each twirl, each step, each smile, each moment. 

Alas, Ladybug has finished her first year of school. On May 21st, she had her very first last day of school. It still boggles my mind that our little baby has finish her first year of preschool and thankfully I have one more year to adjust before kindergarten starts. It has been such a memorable year, filled with so much adventure and emotions. We watched her blossom into a little girl. Watched her grow out of being a toddler and grow into the next stage. She's developed friends and this whole new array of smarts and emotions. I'm crying writing this post because of all the mile stones and huge steps my baby took towards growing up. 

I want to thank her wonderful teachers for making this year a little easier. For loving our girl and embracing her. For helping her grow strength and courage. We couldn't have picked a better set of teachers. We love you both and thank you for everything!

   You've grown so very much this year. I've watched you begin to step out of your comfort zone and take steps away from me. I can't begin to tell you how much I love you or how very hard it is to watch you grow up. To see how far you've come from the day we brought you home from the hospital. Your personality though stubborn and feisty at times is filled with love and caring. You are so very smart and I am so very proud of you. 


Lastly, this last Saturday, the 25 of May,  the girls and Hubbins were in the Big Sky Harley Davidson fashion show. Though this was Ladybug's second year, it was Hubbins and Jozy Giraffes first. The fashion show was a total blast. I am so proud of my family, especially my husband. He is not a fan of the spot light and he braved it for me. Jozy and Ladybug defiantly take after me with their love of the stage. Neither of the girls but especially Jozy did not want off the stage.

Ok, I think that's all the big catching up for now. Lol. 


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