Summer bucket list

This summer seems so different from the past ones. I think because it feels like we have a time line. This is Ladybug's first summer break, the first time we have to plan and cram as much family fun into three months before school starts. (That sentence seems to odd. Everyday I am reminded just home big my little girl is getting. I don't like it!) Anyway, gone are the endless days of eternal time together and there is so much I want to do this summer. So, I decided to make a summer bucket list and here it is in no particular order. Wish us luck!!!

2013 Summer Bucket List

Go Camping
Teach Bug to swim
Go fishing
Take the girls to see a waterfall
Visit Virgina City
Visit Glacier or Yellowstone
Make homemade bubbles
Make homemade sidewalk paint
Play in the rain
Splash in puddles 
Go hiking
Picnic in the park
Explore some place new
Get family pictures
Walk every evening
Let the girls count the stars
Find pictures in the clouds
Fly a kite 
Go to an orchard
Spend the day at a lake 

I am sure there will be more and I will add to this list. But for now this is good. 

I hope you all have a wonderful summer.  


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