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Yesterday we spent the day driving around as a family and getting some updated pictures done. I am so excited to see the finished ones after Hubbins edits them. From what I saw though, the pictures will be super cute. Anyway, for today, I wanted to share a couple of the outfits we picked for each of the girls. Picking out photo outfits can be tricky. In my opinion you don't want everyone to be too matchy-matchy but you do want everyone to go together. It's also important to make sure that the outfits reflect the people who are wearing them. So here are the outfits and then I'll give you the reasons I chose each one. 
Shirt/shorts: yard sale find
Shoes/headband: Old Navy

I love this outfit for Bug. To me, it screams diva fashionista. As Bug has grown over this last year, she's begun to step away from the tutus and poofy dresses (not that she doesn't still love them). Her style has started to mature and I think this outfit shows that. The black shirt is super blingy with the sequence and the big flower head band adds its own flare. The yellow shoes and purple glasses give the outfit a fun kid friend pop of color. 

Romper/Shoes:Old Navy
Bow: local farmers market. 

Lil Giraffe is still all toddler and I LOVE IT! This is by far one of my favorite outfits on her and the color is an obsession of mine. More than that though, it's fun and at 2yrs fun is the name of the game. 


I didn't snag a great shot of the 2nd outfits separately so we will do just one of them together. For Bug, we just switched the shirt for a brighter more springy shirt. This was also a yard sale snag and so was Giraffe's shirt. Her skirt is one Yaya got Bug a couple years back from Children's place. Anyway, we switched up the colors a little here. Since, Bug had a more neutral color first outfit I wanted to give her a chance to stand out with the second set. So, of course, Giraffe's outfit is more neutral but still fun. I love the pop of pink on her tank and though you can't see them the buttons on her skirt are hearts. 

So my tips for picking out great photo outfits for kids:

1. Find something that is comfortable. If the kid isn't happy the pictures will show it. 
2. Make sure the outfit represents them. 
3. Don't over do the match. Yes, sometimes it's cute to be matchy matchy. My last tendy tot post showed that I do sometimes. But over all find outfits that fit together but don't over match. 
4. Pick a couple outfits. It's easy to change tots during shoots. Even outside ones. But as they get older like Bug, try to make the changes easier. Example: pick two tops that match the same bottom or if its colder do layers. 
5. It's important that each person stands out a little but this doesn't mean everyone needs to wear neon. Have one person in a bright color and one in a neutral gives each kid their own spotlight. 

I hope these help and fill free to comment if you have more tips or disagree. 

One more picture for good measure. The first time the girls played on a teeter totter. Seriously, love that its a butterfly too!!!! 


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