Coloring in the lines

Ladybug has gotten to be such a big girl this summer. Although, we still struggle with her attitude somedays, she has become an amazing little girl and wonderful big sister. This last week, I've noticed so many big steps-ok, maybe in hindsight they are pretty minor, but to her, she is conquering montains and that's what matters.

The Whistle

Little Bug has been working hard trying to figure out whistling this summer. She purses her lips and with intense concentration blows air through them. She was starting to get frustrated and you could see her considering giving up. Then last week a small breathy tune escaped her lips. The smile that spread across her suprised little face could have lit up New York City. She was so excited and proud of her whistle, running from Hubbins to me so she could show us the accomplishment.
Of course, this has lead to days filled with constant whistles in the one little tune she knows. During nap time this becomes especially frustrating. But when ever I go to tell her to stop for a bit, I see her still beyond thrilled little grin and I just dont have the heart. There will be plenty of time in life when she has to stiffle that excitment. When she is told to quiet down or stop. So for now, I want to let her whistle her heart out and as loud as possible.

Then over the weekend, I discovered she now colors in the lines. Gone are the days of crazy spastic toddler scripples. They are replaced by her careful neat little colors. Even on blank papers, she has begun to draw full pictures, not just random little designs. Like so many little and big things, this new discovery is so bitter sweet. Its one more step away from being Mommy's baby girl and a step towards being my big girl. I take comfort in the fact, although she colors in the lines, she still makes the picture her own. Turning a princess's dress into a rainbow. She adds stars and sparkles to the pony's tail and hair.
So like whistling, I am going to encourage her to find her own style and artist. To step away from the norm and embrace being Ladybug!


And now, some pictures from our weekend. This weekend was jam packed though it didn't seem so until yesterday afternoon. So, anyway here is my picture recap though it is mostly of Saturday at Swim Days and Sunday just hanging with the girls.
Dinner date with Hubbins!
She is a little mommy lately. And she LOVES her little cousin!
Ready for the parade
She is a serious artist!
Ladybug's chalk outlines!
Lil Giraffe's chalk mermaid outline! 


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