Day off essentials

Today is my day off and since we are a two parents working (although one part time) household again, my to do is list is LONG. I woke up dreading the day and some hard things I will have to do later on. This and being over tired lead to a mild tantrum. It was not my finest moment and thankfully both girls were still asleep and Hubbins can relate to morning melt downs. Can't we all really? 

So, anyway, after a coffee date with a great friend and some pouting about, I decide the to do list could wait. Hubbins had already done some of it before leaving to work and I had laundry going. The rest, well, it wasn't essential. What was essential today? Making a fort for the girls and then cuddling up in the fort with baby dolls and books. It was trying to teach the girls bingo and checkers only to realize those games are still a little too difficult for them so we had a ball with the princess checker pieces instead. And a nap, oh was a nap essential this morning. So after Hubbins comes home, I'll handle one more adult to do thing and then come back for time being a mommy and playing. Because after all the stress, this family needs a little laughter and play time. 


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