June Catch Up

This will more than likely be mostly a picture post. There is a lot about this last June that I am not happy about. All the things with my grandpa, my dad's heart attack, finacial struggles and the sorrow that some of the people closest too me have to deal with. However, there's also a LOT that happen that I want to remember. I want to celebrate, so here is my June catch up of all the fun.

We took the girls to the splash park for the first time! It took a little bit for them to get into the spirit and there were a couple of not so nice little boys. But once Daddy came to their rescue and spoke to the boys, the girls had the best time and I can't wait to go back.
We helped paint a friend's new studio. You should know that this is really all the painting they did. Shortly after these pics, Lil Giraffe threw a fit because she couldn't do it ALL on her own so the girls and I went upstairs.

We rocked out some dress up in the old studio. I am prettier sure I have the cutest kids on any normal day, but in glasses and as super heros these girls steal any spot light!
Then Ladybug and I got to go on a road trip to Spokane with my sister and niece. Sadly the trip was cut short but hopefully we will plan another one soon. Maybe around back to school time when all the stores have awesome sells. *hint hint*
The view from our room was amazing. So much so that after sister and my selfie, we had a huge scare. We looked over to see Ladybug standing on the chair half way over the rail! Not cool! The only seating on kneeing rule was quickly enforced. And if you ever go to Spokane, I highly recommend the River Front Park. We didn't get to stay long or ride any rides. But the morning walking around and this giant wagon were more than I expected. I can't wait to go back.
Some mall fun in Spokane. Holy is this mall awesome for a small time girl.
Some more of the park and a picture showing which room I was in. Also, I just love this picture of Bug during breakfast.
I will be adding more pictures in another blog once I get them off the cameras.
Since, my dad had a heart attack, Ladybug and I came home a day early with my brother and sister in law. I love these two by the way. They really are amazing aunt and uncle to the girls and Ladybug has Uncle Dude wrapped around her lil finger. Thanks for picking us up!
Father's Day, we all went out to my dad's house for a BBQ.
More of father's day.
Last weekend, we meant up with my brother, soon to be sis in law, her parents and the kids at the lake. It was the first time the girls got to ride on a boat and go tubing. It was a much need relaxing fun day! Thank you so much for the invite, the day is a memory I will always treasure.

Lil Giraffe was so comfortable she fell asleep on the boat. LOL And some more fun pics

4 of the 5 kiddos. Look how they have grown!
Then this past weekend we made homemade walk chalk and bubbles. Sadly, hubbins is a slacker and I dont have any bubble pictures. But it was so much fun. Shortly after this the girls had a water fight with the hose and the rest of the morning was spent drying off and laughing.
A few more pictures from this past weekend. We got to see a Hog (Harley) Parade and spent some quality time at the park.
So there you have it, our June fun times! Hope everyone else has some good memories!


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