Sister Love

When I found out our second child was indeed a girl, the mixture of emotions was indescribable. There was shock and a little bit of sorrow for the son I had imagined. There was fear in dealing with all the things having two girls would mean. The fighting, the drama, the mood swings and so much more. All those emotions and many more were fleeting though, because the main emotion, the one that came 2.6 seconds after Hubbins announced we had a girl, was JOY. I couldn't wait to watch the bond between my sister girls grow. It was something I craved as a child. Yes, I  have an amazing step sister but our relationship didn't really take flight till after high school. So, with the summer glimpses into what having a sister really could mean growing up, I was over the moon to know my girls would have all of that.

It's taken time to get to where they are now. At first Ladybug wanted nothing to do with her sister. I feared that I had some how wronged my first born in bringing another girl into the world. That they would grow up resenting each other presence. But in time, truly once lil Giraffe could really interact and play, the girls have become inseparable. They are best friends and defend each other always. I love this. I love how well they play together and how quickly they come to each others side when one of them is hurting or in trouble. These are the moments I want to engrave into my memory. And in more ways into theirs. So, when they are older and fighting over clothes or boys. When they have silent treatment matches, I can force them to look back on now and how grand their bond truly is.

We had two such moments last week. The first was on a random adventure to Target. (And yes, in our house Target can be quit the adventure.) Hubbins and I have been looking for a bike for Ladybug and so decided that it was as good a time as any to check out what Target had to offer. Of course, we choose a time far too close to bedtime at the end of a busy day. So, after the third or fourth, "Your too little" or "We aren't getting anything today," Lil Giraffe was done. In the middle of the aisle she melted down. These melt downs always come with mommy guilt especially because with both girls, we were lucky and they didn't have them often. Knowing she was tried Hubbins and I tried to gently calm her down and encourage her to look at more things to no avail. Up walks Ladybug, she asked Hubbins if she could talk to Sissy. She leaned down to be on eye level and began to tell her, How she understands that she wants the Minnie mouse helmet now and that its not fair. She whispers in sweet sister code to her and then asks if a kiss would make it all better. Lil Giraffe nod and with a kiss and hug from Big Sis everything was right with the world again. They held hands through the rest of the store and I choked back little tears of love and pride.

Then later that evening, we had to clean one of Ladybug's owies with peroxide. Ladybug is terrified of this stuff for good reason. It HURTS! She looks at me and says, "Mommy, I don't think I can be brave. I'm going to cry." I snuggled her close reassuring her that I was there and its OK to cry. With that Lil Giraffe jumps up and puts both hands on her hips. She proclaims, "I am brave and will save my Ladybug!" She hurries over and grabs the hand I'm not holding on to tight. As a family we huddle around helping Ladybug through this epic ordeal (because it is a HUGE thing for her), but I am positive that it was the little hand of her little sister reassuring her that she would be the brave one for a moment that got Bug through. Again, with a kiss and hug from sister life was better.

There are so many more memories, I cherish of the two of them. How Ladybug runs to their room at nap time if she hears even the slightest whimper from Sissy. How they snuggle close and read or play together when they believe no one is watching. How at the fair when someone was pushing her little sister around, Ladybug got up in her face and made the girl back off. How Lil Giraffe runs to Big Sister's aide when she is being tickled by mommy and daddy.  There's just so much I want to freeze about their love and bond. So, I will write down more moments and when they forget this love because I am sure at some point it wont be so cool to have a sister hanging around, I'll have them read this post and remind them just how special it is.


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