Strength and Love

I know that I have been slacking on this blog for the month of June. To be honest, June was writer block heaven. I sat down numerous times to write about the going on's and the adventures. I thought about writing about the craft projects and so on. But nothing seemed to fit or flow. So, yes, I will be doing a LONG post of June catch up's because there are some great memories I want to hold on to and some not so great ones that I have learned from. But today, I want to talk about my grandparents.

If June was a long road for me, it was a road construction, pot hole, gravel piled road for my grandparents. On June 10th, my grandpa was imitted to the hospital for another bout of pnemonia that wasn't going away (they still are not sure what caused it.) Then on June 15th, after being told in that afternoon he would be going home on Father's day, he took a turn for the worse. Two days later we found out that he had two strokes (a small one on the right side and a larger more destructive one on his lower left side of his brain.) As a family, we were shocked and in many ways devistated. What did this mean? Would he pull through? Would he still be his fiesty stubborn self? June 30th, he was transfered to the rehab portion of the hospital and began the last leg of his month long journey. I am so proud and grateful to be able to say that Grandpa went home today!!! He has done a remarkable and almost miraculous amount of recovery in just a short week and is returning to his old self.

Like most life threating moments, his journey has lead me to think about my life and the people in it. To revaluate that things I find important and how truly blessed I am. But more importantly, it has given me the chance to see true love at its finest. I am not sure who is the stronger person, my grandpa or my grandma. Through out the whole ordeal and long before this round of hospitals and doctors, my grandma has been by her husbands side. I have always been in awe of their love and devotion for one another, but now I almost worship and I strive to find that in my own marriage. They are best friends and lean so easily on one another to get through. I watch my grandpa push his limits and look to my grandma's smiling face for the satisfaction of a job well done. I've watched my grandma keep a watchful eye on him even when he is peacefully at sleep and protect him when he is done wrong.

At one point during a visit to see them, my grandma was even more fitful than usual. She constantly rearranged his few things and hundreds of times asked if he was comfortable or ok. At one point Grandpa sighed at her in a huff and she excused herself for some coffee. I joking looked at my grandpa and asked if she was driving him crazy yet. The response has stuck with me even though it seems so simple. He said, "She could never drive me crazy, I need her too much." That says it all, doesn't it? They rely on each other for strength and for the ability to have moments of weakness. There's a trust and a love there, that even after all this time, grows stronger and steadier.

I look at my marriage. Hubbins and mine is still young, but there is so many things we can learn from my grandparents. The give and take, the support, the understand of just who the other person is. These are all so important and so many more things still. I've begun to think before I talk or adjust how I see something. Not because, I feel I need to change but because I know that I need hubbins just the way he is. Its not any  fairer to ask him to revamp his personality than for him to ask me to change who I am. I want to be that couple in the hospital room that cant be driven crazy by their spouse, because they needed them too much!

Grandma and Grandpa, if you ever read this know that I believe you are the strongest two people. You guys are my heros and inspiration. I love you sooooo much! Love, Holly


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