Weekend fun

This last weekend was a blast. It was filled with relaxing family fun. There is something to be said about weekends that aren't over planned or filled to the brim with activities. Days that are spontanious and slow going. Where the only goal is to have fun and play with the girls. That was this weekend and it was PERFECT! Especially since my weekends start on Thursdays. My husband's on the other hand does not so the morning was spent with my girls in our fort. But that afternoon we went to the park and my grandparents.  

This is one of my all time favorite parks and I LOVE to take the girls. There is a giant slide, awesome tires (a LOT of tires) to play on and a mix of old and new equipment to play on. The girls, I think love the horse swings best as they refuse to get off them once on. We also made a little bunny friend that the girls named "Lala." It was the sweetest little bunny and let the girls get fairly close before running off.

Friday, Hubbins worked in the midmorning/early afternoon, so the girls and I went window shopping and I got my hair cut. Seriously, if you live in the Great Falls area and need a hair dresser, mine is the absolute best. She knows exactly what to do with my hair so that 1. I like it and 2. I can actually style it. But more importantly, she is the best theripist, yoda, friend, ext.... a person can find.

Saturday, we crossed picnic off our summer bucket list with a morning picnic at the park. There was something so peaceful and calming about being to the park early. The air was quiet and it was awesome to watch the park as it woke up and began to welcome runners, and quiet couples, and then the crazy of families and playing kids. Plus, the girls had so much fun and were filled with such an excitement. It goes in the top ten best ways to start your day, for sure!

Of course, you can't visit a park with kids without playing around. Our park has this cute little flower garden and the girls are obbsessed with it. I love the bottom picture of Lil Giraffe. She popped her hip out just as I took the picture! She is taking attitude lessons from big sis.

Sunday was mini golf! We learned two valuable lessons. 1. The girls are a little too young still to really do the mini golf thing. 2. Its ok that they are a little too young and that they cheated and had more fun rolling the ball around and goofing off.
Lil Giraffe had no intrest in learning to golf and spent the majority of the time "pretending" then giving up to roll the ball or run off laughing. Ladybug, though, at least tried but got a little frustrated with not being able to do it perfect. This is something I have discovered we will need to work on. After a talk that its ok to not do it the "right" way and its more important to just have fun, she joined her sister in the activity of rolling and playing. We ended up only doing half the holes as it was nap time and Lil Giraffe had an epic melt down. Thankfully, the owner was their and gave us a rain check for next summer. Here's to hoping it will be a little easier then.


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