Fair and Children's museum fun 2013

Last Friday was Rock'n'Ride night at the fair in our area. Since the girls LOVED all the rides last year, Hubbins and I decided to brave the crazy teens and take the girls. Luckily, the kid area was pretty empty and the girls never had to wait in line. Like always, watching them take on new adventures and conquering things all by themselves makes me a little teary eyed and wistful! The girls were so big and brave conquering all the rides on their own. Their face alternating from an excited glow filled with anticipation to a look of worry as the rides spun around and around. They stayed on them though and kept getting on again and again! So big and so brave!
Saturday was a free day at our local Children's museum. So, we spent most of the late morning and most of the afternoon playing! 

Sunday, the girls and I escaped to the book store for a little mini date and adventure. The girls had been bickering all morning and this Mommy was done. So after naps, we loaded up and head out. It was just a blessing to get to spend time with these girls and watch their love of books grow. Though the best part had to be how they talked about their trip to the book store with Yaya! It has become this magical place for them filled with an over flowing love for Yaya. I'm glad, I got to be a part of it. 
We went back to the fair on Tuesday afternoon to wonder around and have lunch with the girls. It was such a nice and relaxing afternoon for sure. 


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