Marriage thoughts

 This last year our family has gone through several hard times, but we pull through. I think those moments, the rock botom walls closing in moments, are what truly defines a relationship. These times will tell you more fully if your relationship, marriage, can go the distance. Hubbins and I will go the distance. I know this with all my heart. Not because we are constantly in the honeymoon feel or because life is rainbows and sunshine; but because we have struggled. Because we have danced during the thunderstorms and cuddled close supporting each other during life's blizzards. Then when the sun begins to peek through, we rejoice and embrace the good. Marriage isn't always a fairy tale, it takes work, understand and exceptance.

Yes, there are heart skipping butterfly inducing moments; like a flour fight on a cozy baking Saturday or cuddles with popcorn and a movie. These moments are just as important. They give us hope and strength to work through stormy days. They heal us after long winters of sorrow or fear. They help to grow a friendship and build upon our love for each other. 

All these moments good and bad create a foundation for our future and how we will handle years to come. Even though Hubbins and I have done things backwards upside down and in zigzags when it comes to our relationship, our relationship grows stronger everyday. There is no right way to have a relationship or be in love. As long as you are willing to work and to learn everyday your marriage will grow and blossom. 

Life isn't perfect. Black clouds often roll in but you can decide to dance in the rain or hide under the covers. 


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