Mile stones a plenty

Why do big moments and mile stones come in groups? Especially, now that we have two little girls, I feel like all these big moments seem to be around the same time and I dont ever get a chance to fully appreciate them until later on. 

Anyway, this week was the start of dance class and preschool!

I must say, I have two of the absolute cutest ballerinas EVER!And we LOVE our new dance school. Its so surreal that both girls are dancing now and it truly is a dream come true for me. I love dancing and seeing the girls share that love is astonishing for me. 
Jozy's class was first, and I am grateful for that.I think if she had been second to dance, I might have changed my mind.I am not ready for her to be a big girl yet and this just feels like the next step on the road to big girl-dom. I'm also a little apprehensive since she is dancing in an older age group, but she did so great! She listened and picked up the moves with no problem, and I am so very proud of my little baby girl! And the SMILE, oh how her smile just lite up the room when she started dancing. I had a moment of worry when she looked back at us unsure that everything was OK, but like Big Sis, a smile of reassurance was all my girl needed. (Seriously, sometimes I wouldn't mind a little cling!)

She has talked non-stop about dance class and wants to go everyday. I think this is going to be a wonderful year for her.

Next up was Ladybug. We have been struggling with the idea of a new dance school and new friends. Unfortunately, at the being of summer we had to deal with mom bulling and we had to say good bye to her dance friend. I am still very mad and hurt about the childish way things were handled by the other mom (no, i was not completely innocent when it all came to a head but running or hiding from issues IS NOT how things should be solved!) Like I said, I am still a little mad about it so will stop now. The reason I bring it up though, is because she seems so much more reserved and desperate to make friends and be liked. Its been a struggle this summer and I am truly hoping dance and school will help. We will however be going about making friends differently and will stay away from judgmental people.

So, class started off a little hard on our Bug, but after a little bit she meant a few nice little girls and began to perk back up. She was all smiles and goofing off after that and my heart was soaring for her. I hope that we will have a wonderful year of dance and I am so excited to get to know some of the parents.

Seriously, she is very much our child. Look at all the little girls lined up and then you get Buggy.
She discovered she could see mommy! It quickly became a game. I think, that next time I will need to be more discreet with watching! 
Wednesday was Ladybug's first day of school! The morning did not go as planned and it looks like we will be moving her to a class room with more 2nd year kids, but she came home all smiles so I am saying it was a success. I think getting to see her old teacher after school really helped perk her up since, she is not adjusting well to all the changes. It makes me nervous about moving her to a new class, but in the long run, I want her to be challenged. Plus, if she has more kids her age I think it will be easier to make new friends. I will update more on school next week and I am excited to see what adventure this will take her on! 


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