Our weekend in pictures

This weekend we unplugged and tuned into some of the fun events around town. It was a BLAST and we had some much need family time. 

Friday was the Star Extravaganza. The girls and Hubbins got to make meteors to send down the zip line and we all rode the space ship (aka elevator) complete with astronaut helper to retrieve them. There were also telescopes to look through and some friends to see. The high light for Ladybug had to be seeing one of her friends from preschool last year. The two girls had the best time catching up. 
Then Saturday was an art filled day. Both girls certainly take after Yaya with their art skills and love. We went to the Art On Fire event at a local museum and the girls had so much fun. They painted tiles, played on pottery wheels, help work on a group painting, got painted on and saw some really amazing art work. 
Look how excited she is. 
She was having a blast painting. 

Afterwards, Ladybug and I got to go see a brand new baby. Miss Laura finally had her little girl and she is precious!!!!! Then we had a family dinner and evening drive.

Sunday was a lazy day spent running errands and working on the house but it was the perfect cap to a great week. Well, with the exception of our Ladybug getting sick. I am officially over hospitals and people I love being sick. No more please!


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