The art of PB&J

With school and dance class starting up this week, I am giving in and calling it. Summer is officially over for our house. Though, I'm a little sad that my girl will be back to school four hours a day five days a week, I am excited for the adventures that lay ahead. But that is all for a later post. Once I get all the thoughts and emotions in order so that I can write it. 

Today, I wanna talk about the most random yet exciting mile stone in our house lately. The art of PB&J. Our girls have become super independent. They want to do everything by themselves or at least help Hubbins and me. So, we are giving in. We are letting them have fun with learning. Today, well today the girls got to make their own sandwiches. Let me tell ya, this is serious business in our house and makes me giggle. One, I do not like sandwiches. If you know me at all then you are aware of my bread aversion. This means that sandwiches have only been around for the last year in our home. Two, my girls are particular about their ratios when it comes to a proper sandwich. Three, well, I just kinda love the seriousness. 

So, yeah here is the proof of our latest mile stone because this mama loves the small ones just as much as the big and this week I needed a little one.

Serious business. Girl is a perfectionist. 
She just loves this!
The best way to clean the butter knife! This they learned from mommy. 


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