The Start of Fall

Ah, the seasons are starting to change and it is by far my favorite time of year. I love when the seasons start to blend and change, especially on the brink of fall. It feels like the world is slowing down ad taking a long awaited deep breath. The rush of summer is sighing into a more relaxed feel. Cool weather and family gatherings, slow walks in the evening and cups of hot chocolate begin to take center stage. I am already craving day long stretches of baking with my girls and my eyes are constantly seeking the slightest shift in the leaves colors. And the scents that come with fall, they bring images of warmth and love. The stores have begun to stock their Halloween and fall things and I am quickly making a wish list. I am taking stock of my craft supplies and looking forward to some epic craft times with the girls! Oh, and boy am I dreaming of pumpkin patches and hay rides!

But summer isn't over just yet and with Ladybug starting school again next week, we are still packing in as much fun as we can. So, here are some images of our last week.
We finally had a picnic and spent an hour or so finding pictures in the clouds. It was the greatest thing when Ladybug finally figured it out. 

I love mall family time and goofing off. It was much needed after a long week.

My cuddle buddies last week. They were so good to me since I worked all over nights. 

Sister salon!
Model in training!!!! Ah I'm in so much trouble when she gets older!
Big sis helping tuck lil sis into bed for nap. She even lent her polka dot to help protect from bad dreams. So proud of my big girl!!!!


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