A Magical Stage

I love the toddler years and the magic that comes with it. There's a peace that falls on parents during the baby year and it morphs into a fairy tale wonderland of adventure. I love watching their personalities emerge and their imaginations explode into brilliant worlds.
Everything about this stage is filled with wonder. A stick becomes a magic wand, bow & arrow or a sword; beds becomes castles or market places and tables become boats to fairy princesses to their various kingdoms. The girls spend their days as princesses, superheroes, doctors, mommies and so much more. 

Ladybug has a Dragon. She is sparkaly pink and purple and has been a part of our family for a few years now. It is their destiny to save the universe. At least that what she once told Yaya. I love that her imaginary friend is a dragon and that she is in love with them. The girls also seem to have a zoo of animals both real and fanciful. 
The girls both have their own unique form of creativity and imagination. Ladybug is a little adventurer. She slays monsters, goes to elaborate balls and travels the world. Lil Giraffe is my nurturer. She's a little mommy and loves to play house or be a baby giraffe or alligator. It's such a pleasure to get to see their personalities grow and expand during play. To watch their love for one another help embrace those differences as they come together to explore. 


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