Aidan and the Ladybug's "Turning 5" release party

I loved that Ladybug wanted a rock star party this year. It's so her, loud, crazy and fun. She is in love with rock stars and wants so badly to go to a concert, so it was a blast to bring the concert to her. I had all these grand plans in mind but due to budgeting issues, I had to scale back some. So this party was a test in throwing a great party on a tight budget. Which add A LOT of stress but also a lot of fun to the planing. Anyway, here are some pics from the party. 
Hubbins made these great ticket invites and the CD covers. I love how they turned out and I'll share her 5yr pictures he took later this week. He then found awesome record looking CDs to burn Ladybug's playlist too. I love this man and his AWESOME talent. 

The stage: this was SOOOO much fun to make and the kids had a blast rocking out here. Hubbins and I made the back drop from craft paper and a table cloth, the speakers are boxes and poster board. We borrowed the drum set from a friend and I scored the amp at the Dollar tree. 
Merchandise table: we had blow up guitars and microphones, shade glasses, stickers, candy and CDs to give out to guest. I thought it would be fun to set them out like a sale table at a concert. 
Usually Yaya makes the cake but this year things just didn't workout that way, so last minute we ordered this great cake from Albertsons. 

Even my grandma got in on the rock star action. I'm pretty sure some of the girls spunk and sass come from her. 
She looks so happy. I can't believe how big my Ladybug is getting. 

I love her face here. This was her right after opening the Our generation doll from Yay. She really wants an American Girl doll so this is our dry run to see if she is old enough to take care of the doll. 


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