One of the few good things (it is a very short list) of working over nights is that I have time for reflection. I miss my girls something crazy and can have too much thinking time. But this last week I have ponder my life and what is truly important. Ok, to be honest I have been pondering all this for a while but finally had the quiet and time to really think about it all.

I miss my girls. I feel as though we don't get nearly enough solid time together and one on one time seems long gone. I am making it my mission to work on this. In a couple weeks, I will be back to part time (happy dance) and although I will still be working over night three nights a week, I am determined to change about how I interact with the girls. I want to help create magical memories and experiences. So that is what I will do. I will also be spending more time with extended family, especially my grandparents, their greats. Life is far too short.

We have started going to church again. I thought I would feel weird or out of place in a church. I though that some how I wouldn't belong. But the truth is I feel peaceful and centers after each service and small group. I feel like we are making the right path for our family. This is important on so many levels and though I am new, I am excited.

I believe that Hubbins is my soul mate but that doesn't mean we are good at showing our love. I am going to start trying more and communicating my needs in a more productive way. This is starting with DATE NIGHT!

Lastly, I have started a new diet and workout plan. So far 15lbs down after one week. I think, it helps that my soon to be sis in law is doing the diet too. It helps to have someone who understands the struggle and is their to encourage and provide support.

This is really just so that I have witnesses for the things I hope to change and embrace. Wish me luck.


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