A couple fall pics

At the end of October on a rare free day, we set out in search of a leaf pile for some fun fall pics of the girls. It was the best thing ever! I so wish we had a yard filled with trees so that in the fall we can take the leaves up into a giant pile and spend days leaping into them or having little leaf fights. It's on my next house bucket list for sure, but since we don't right now, we went and found a pile. Here are a few picture my amazing and talented husband took. 
Look at her leap! This girl gets so serious air now!
Little girl joy! Hubbins captures her personality so perfectly here! 
I LOVE this picture of the girls and can't wait to get it printed, framed and hung up. Actually, I love all the pictures and the joy that is so visible on their little faces. I smell a new fall tradition and can't wait for next fall. 

I also thought I would share this picture from the set we took back in the spring. Is it just me, or do they look like they've grown sooooo much?


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