Pixie dust moments

This week has been long and hard. The girls and I are sick. Plus both Hubbins and me had to work. So yeah, fun for all right?! Anyway, I was going to write all the woe is me stuff but....YUCK! I do not want to dwell on that. So, here's the good stuff from today. 

1. The girls feel well enough to drive me crazy. 

2.I managed to deep clean and purge the girls room. Got a huge costco bag full of books and toys to donate!! Score!

3.I am finally hungry. A sign I am getting better!

4.just this

5. Seriously, loving word practice with Bug and the "how do you spell..." Questions.  

6.hubbins! Seriously, he has been my rock star, knight in shinning armour, superhero this week. Thank you so much babe! I feel like I don't show my appreciation enough to you sometimes and in truth never would have made it through this week without you. I love you so much!


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