Normally, I do the daily "thankful" posts on Facebook but this year time seem to get away with me and I only ended up doing about half the month. Of course, part of the reason is that I was more focused on embracing my thankfuls and not getting too caught up in all the crazy of life. That's one of the beautiful things about the holidays, people slow down and focus on good positive things more. We concentrate on life's blessings and not just the massive "to do" list. I'm lucky and very blessed. I feel my blessings more and more each day and this year plan to make it a point to share those blessings. Not just during the holiday season but all year long. I want to volunteer more and give more.

But it is Thanksgiving and I do have so much to be thankful for, so here are a few of my blessings.

My husband- We've had a few road blocks lately but I know we are on the right path now. We will come out of this journey wiser and our relationship stronger. You are my best friend and I cant image life without you! I love you!

Our girls- Being mommy to our daughters is the greatest privilege and blessing. They make me a better person and give me faith in the future. They are my heart and my hope. I love you girls so insanely much!

My family- I love my loud big crazy family. I may not always like the drama that comes with such a big family but I do love each of you and I'm grateful you are all a part of my life. Thank you for the lessons, the memories, and the laughter!

My friends- Both old and new, close friends and not so close friends. Each of you has a special place in my heart and have helped me become, well, me! Some of you have been there for me when life was really hard and I didn't see the rainbows anymore. Others have simply been there with laughter and kindness. I feel so blessed to know each one of you and cant wait to see where our friendships will go.

My faith- It's still new and exciting. I'm still learning. But I know the road that you are leading me down is right and one filled with blessings. I have already experience so many unexpected wonders and blessings!

Our dogs- Boy, do they know how to drive me crazy. But they are always there when I'm feeling a little blue or lonely. Chaser man is my cuddle buddy and confident.

Our home and the jobs that help provide for it.
Our health
And all the little blessings that come our way!

This is just a few of the insanely high number of blessings I am thankful for. I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!! And that you make time to thank those in your life who have been there!


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