Trendy tot: 5th Birthday outfit

Back for more trendy tot!!!

Anyway, last month as some of you know Ladybug turned 5 and had a rock star party. Since money is a little right, I opted to make her outfit this year. I had so much fun with this and will make it a new birthday tradition. 

This was my first tutu making experience, and it really is super easy. I didn't bother too much with making it all the same length since I wanted a more ragged rock star look. After the tulle I add various ribbons for some more texture. For pictures we just used a tank too and jeggins. Add some chalk for her hair and a little glitter and BAM, I give you rock star Bug! 
I know this one is a different outift but I loved the idea of finding the number 5 around town. And seriously, look how cute she is. 


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