Trendy tot: Big girl hair cut.

I'm a day behind but I still wanted to link up with trendy tot Tuesday, especially since you girls were last weeks "tots of the week." I'm not sure who was more excited about that Ladybug or me. It's pretty awesome. So thank you, ladies!

Anyway, I had another post planned but didn't get the pictures in time, so I'm doing a quick one and will post the other one next week. Ladybug has been on a short hair kick lately. She really wants a pixie cut but I'm not ready for that. It's hard enough letting her have short hair but I understand why. Lil sis has my long thick ringlet curls hair and EVERYONE comments on it. Ladybug has thinner wavy hair. Still very pretty but I think, she wants to stand out a little more. Last month on the day after her birthday, I took her for a hair cut. Thankfully, our hair dresser is AMAZING and talked her out of the pixie cut. Mama is just not ready for such a grown up cut. So, I thought I would share a picture of Ladybug's girl girl hair.

Here is the best before picture I have. See how she has just enough wave to make it look unkept. (On a side not, don't you just love her outfit and grown up posture. I am in big trouble with her when she gets older.) 

And here it is! We both love it. She's super happy with the length and her new bangs and I'm happy that I can still do lil girl hair stuff with her. 


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