Trick or treat

Yesterday was so much fun. Ladybug had a pj party at school but since I got off at 7am I was unable to go. 

After school, we had snacks and put costumes on. After a stop at Papa's store to show off the costumes and some pictures, we did down town trick or treating. Then meant up with the cousins. Ladybug had the best time running around with her bigger cousins. Luckily her uncle was able to stay caught up with them as they flew from house to house. It was a blast to see her excitement and see her take off on her own. (Seriously though I'm thinking that's enough independence. Let's go back to being 4 now, k?) 

Lil Giraffe was more reserved and a little scared. Which was ALL good for my mama heart. I loved that she wanted me to hold her hand the whole time. That she wanted me close by to protect her and help. But oh was she cute. You could see her take a breath and say "trick or treat!" Then she'd break into a huge smile when they gave her some candy. However, after a couple house that were very much into the spirit she got scared and rode with daddy the rest of trick or treating. 

Then after a stop to see Great-grandparents, we came home and crashed with a Halloween movie and popcorn. 


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