Christmas Day

Christmas day was MAGIC. The girls woke up early, their faces exploded with light when they saw Santa had come and then the crazy began.

A doll to snuggle, the only thing she asked Santa for in person (her list she wrote was much longer and had no doll).
They loved the stockings. 
Her pony. Its all she talked about all of Dec.
Our rock star
Daddy Magic

Thank you Cj, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Amy. They girls LOVE their books!

Necklaces like mommy!
Bug's Origami Owl necklace. 

So excited to head to Papa's

Seriously, this was her favorite gift and I love listening to her play! I love watching Daddy and her learn together so much more. Memories and magic in the making!

After naps we headed out to Power to see Grandma Terri and Papa. 
Happy Birthday PAPA!
Then after everything was said and done. The girls and I cuddled up for a movie and some relaxation.

I hope you all had a wonderful and magical holiday! 


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