Christmas Eve 2013

I suppose its time to leave the holiday bubble. Christmas was so much fun this year and its been so nice to snuggle in the last few days in a post Christmas hangover. But alas, it is time to start our normal day to day lives. 

I love Christmas and this year was by far my favorite to date. Both girls were totally amerced in the joy and magic of the season. They owed and awed at all the twinkling lights. We went Christmas light admiring several times just to hear their excited giggles at each house. They counted down days till they could sit on Santa's lap and then spoke to him like he was an old friend. You don't realize how special these memories are or the moments that make childhood magical until you become a parent. We missed Yaya, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews but know they had a wonderful holiday and we will all hopefully celebrate together next year! 

Christmas Eve was spent at my in law's house. There were presents, finger food, love, laughter, oh my! The girls were spoiled rotten by their grandparents as were Scott and me. But the most important thing was we got to spend the day relaxing and enjoying some much needed family time.

Jozy was super into her presents and her expressions were priceless. I will have to get the video of her opening Sofia to share. 
Showing off one of her outfits
A new Sofia shirt and ruffle pants. This girl is in heaven.
Ladybug got an awesome new notebook from her Grandparents and spent a long time writing words and practicing letters.

Afterwards we went home for some family traditions. 

Opening her new ornament
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Jozy's turn
They both got my little pony ornaments. I made these by hot gluing string to a figure since I couldn't find an ornament I liked for each girl. 

Then there was cupcake making. We always leave Santa cupcakes. Ladybug decided when she was two that Santa would prefer them since everyone else does cookies. I love this!
Look at that face of innocence. Not!
Then Daddy read the night before Christmas.  A new tradition and one the girls loved!
Then after the girls were snuggle in their bed, Santa came to town. 
Daddy and Ladybug's guitars. 

Our Santa key since we don't have a chimney. Thankfully Yaya gave us one a few years back. 
Daddy prepping Santa Foot prints. 

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It was so much fun playing Santa this year with Hubbins. We wrapped gifts, ate cupcakes, made foot prints and created more magical memories for the girls.


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