Merry Christmas

It's officially Christmas Eve. Which for me means it's officially Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Though I'll be missing most of my family this year, I know they are having a wonderful time, and that's what matters most! But I send my love and warm wishes! 

 I have so many fond memories of Christmas Eve at my Grandma's and my favorite part will always be the Chinese gift exchange. Not for the presents as most of those get past to little kids, but for the laughter and love. We all gather around and fill my grandparents house with noise, laughter, warm hugs, and a whole bunch of crazy LOVE. For me that's Christmas. Family and friends coming together to enjoy all of life's blessings. Neighbors and strangers helping each other out. And sharing Love!!!!!  Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas as I plan to focus on family over the next couple of days!!!! 


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