The best of 2013

With New Years right around the corner, I've seen a lot of "year in review" stuff. At first, I didn't think 2013 had been very eventful or exciting. But looking back, we've had an amazing year. So here is my list of great memories big and small!

Going to the Rodeo with Sam and Boo

Bug was invited to her 1st birthday party


Boo turned 2 and we celebrated Minnie Style.

Celebrated Becci and the soon arrival of her 1st! I got the privileged of throwing her baby shower

Jozy Giraffe turned 2

The first big Egg hunt for the older kids

A Saffari Party

Fun river walks with baby dolls.

Circus fun! Even the big big kids had a blast

Garret turned 8

Ladybug fell in love with Photography

Garret's firt year of Baseball


Ladybug completed her 1st year of school

Ladybug had her 1st big dance recital! I will never forget the pride, love and joy I felt watching her on stage. 

Baby Ellie was born! 

We had a mother's day getaway I will never forget!

Adam and Jess brought us back from Spokane so we could see Dad after his heart attack

Spokane Fun with my girl

Bug and I went with Aunt Sam and Boo for a road trip to Spokane. I think we need a repeat this summer!

We had a family day, took pics and reconnected. 


The girls and I went the Children's Museums Birthday. 

Random date night with hubbins

We took the girls to the fair. This was the first year they rode without adults. 

We discovered the magic of Yaya's store (AKA Barnes and Noble)


We took the girls to baseball games and they finally got the concept.....well a little anyway!

We celebrated Miss Laura becoming a Mommy


Bug begn her last year of Preschool

Jozy began her first year of Dance 

We went to the What the Hay and took Garret along. 

Ladybug turned 5

She got her 1st big girl hair cut

We were thankful for finding God and our Family again! 

Brendan Turned 5

Jozy had her first real experience playing in snow

At Sunrise we rekindled our love for magical memories
We welcomed Amelia Mae, the newest little member of our family. Congrats again Adam and Jess

2013 was a wonderful year filled with great memories and fantastic moments. I look back and see the magic of the year and how many blessings our family and loved ones have had. Through out the year, we also found an amazing Church and faith, we made new friends and enjoyed getting to know old ones better. We have had bumps in our marriage but are find our way through to a greater relationship. We reevaluated relationships, said good bye to some and focused hard on others. All in all, I say goodbye to 2013 with a heart filled with happiness and a determination to make 2014 just as wonderful if not better!

Happy New Year everyone!


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