Trendy tot Tuesday: Christmas

Welcome back to Trendy Tot Tuesday! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas week and is ready for the New Year. Earlier in the month I had posted about making the girls' outfits this year. Although, i didn't actually make any of the pieces (well I sort of did Bug's shirt for her Snow Baby) I thought they turned out better than just buying a pretty dress.

For Christmas Eve the girls were little elves. This outfit started when I found the suspenders at Claire's. I can't wait for Valentines day because I plan to reuse them. The rest of Jozy's outfit we had on hand from previous years and events. But for Bug, we bought the sparkly tutu at Old Navy, her shirt was from Walmart, and leggings from Target. My mom made the Santa wrap a couple years back for Bug. It was used as a shrug then. Its by far one of my favorite pieces and we have gotten a TON of use out of it!
Lil Elf
Shirt and Leggings: Old Navy
Can you tell she wasn't super into pics? 

I love this photo that a good friend did for the girls. She's a wonderful photographer and friend. I saw something similar one on Pinterest and love of ours turned out! Thank you, VLS.

For Christmas the girls were little snow babies. They didn't wear the whole outfit, since we had warmer weather. Scarves and hats just weren't needed. Instead the girls wore cool head bands from Claire's and their Origami Owl lockets.

Aren't they just adorable!!!!!!!!
Shirt: Old Navy
Tutu: Target last year
Way more into Photos!
Shirt: Started as a target shirt and I used sharpies to make buttons
Tutu: Target last year

Here's another pic from Virginia. She also made the super cute snowman hats! This is by far my favorite picture from this session. I hope to share more from our family shoot soon but need to check with that photographer first.

What did your littles wear for the special days?


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