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Linking up for some more Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Since December is CRAZY this year I am just going to share a few of the girls' outfits from last week. With the super cold (-40) weather last week, the girls lived in jeans and tees most of the week and we snuggled inside.

So, this is actually from Thanksgiving. Back when the weather was nice. 
Jozy: dress and boots were both actually found at Kmart
Ladybug: boots are target, sweater dress (a couple sizes too big) JCPenny and tights target

I love this shirt that Yaya sent last year for Ladybug's class gingerbread house making day. 
Shirt: Gymboree/ Jeans:Targrt /socks: Target dollar area (they were a gift from Santa on their North Pole breakfast)
Seriously, this pose!!!!! It reminds me of the over exaggerated poses on America's Next Top Model. What do you think? 
Shirt and pants: Target/ Tutu: Costco

Ok, this outfit was actually borrowed from her cousin over the weekend. Jozy has become a serious Batman fan lately and did not want to give this back. She insisted on a cape and wore it all day. 
Again, the pose! Through, I think this is more magazine/fashion blog pose 101. She rocks that foot back and hip out pose though. 
Shirt and jeans are from Walmart. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday and I'll be prepared next week for a better post. 


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