A glimpse

I read or heard somewhere that a group of scientists believe that time is irrelevant. That our past, present and future are all happening at the same time forever. So, somewhere I am still rocking my new born babies to sleep at night. I am betting who ever started that is a parent. Every now and then I see a glimpse of who my girls will be 10 or 20 years from now or I get lost in a memory of their past. It all just seems to flow and the thought that somewhere I am becoming a mommy for the first time or feeling my heart stretch as I held both girls in my arms for the first time, is blissful. 

However, I am in this world and here my babies are not going to be little for long so I embrace all my moments with them. But every now and then, I look at them as see the ladies they will become. It happened to day, during the one rare quiet moment of an otherwise busy bee day. I lay on the couch in a Mombie state and watched Ladybug as she contently played on the floor. Lost in a world of picnics with her babies (dolls) or teaching an imagery class. I could clearly see the beautiful graceful woman that she is destined to be. It was a heart warming moment. I was filled with a calm peacefulness. As if God was saying, "she may be feisty and have attitude now, but look at where she is going." My girls are strong, stubborn and feisty. My girls posses the qualities of leaders and My goal is to encourage them to use these traits for good. I know Ladybug will conquer the world in her time and in her way. I am ready to stand by her and support her path through life. 

It's a nice thought that at this moment, I am watching my baby walk down the aisle dressed in white and that I am also singing to her whole she is still tucked safe in my belly. That also those moments between are some how still happening and forever accruing is magical to me. A parents greatest wish to freeze time and relive their children's lives. But just in case, I am going to work hard to live in the present and really soak up my moment in time with little kids. 


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