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Joining a new weekly link up that should be tons of fun. I love the idea of finishing the questions each week and I'm excited to see what each new week holds. 

1. A typical day in my life is...crazy, exhausting, hectic, stressful. But I wouldn't change any of it. They are filled with love and kiddos I adore. 
With lots of moments like this!
2. You’ll never see me... Aside from some major crime like murder or stealing, I don't really know. I'm pretty open to try everything. 
3. It’s really unattractive when a guy … stops respecting and treating his significant other correctly. They should always be gentlemen and try their hardest not to hurt their others. And lying....gah, I hate that!
4. If I could buy one thing right now, it would be … CLOTHES! I am in desperate need of some basic clothing pieces. 
5. I have high expectations for … this year and weekend. I want to take the girls on a treasure hunt this weekend. And this year we are doing more, having adventures and changing our lives for the good. 


  1. Sweet cuddles!!!!!! I love your 'treasure hunt' adventure, you're an awesome mommy. =)

    1. Thank you. I'm really excited. The girls have been super into treasure maps and pirates so I think it will be a blast to let them really hunt for treasure.


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