Five on Friday

I've been wanting to do this link up for awhile and I'm finally biting the bullet. I've put it off because I feel like my blog isn't on the same level as others, but this year is all about change. And I'm changing my view of always comparing what I have or who I am with others. So here goes! I am linking up with Hello Happiness

(one) We had a winter storm come through Sunday and Monday. It made our little city a winter wonderland. I love snow and my ride to babysit was so gorgeous that pictures were needed.

(Two) Yesterday was gorgeous! So, I braved the park with all the kiddos and Cooper dog. It was so much fun and so nice to just get outside.

(Three) Have you seen Frozen? If not you need to! It's amazing on so many levels. We are a little obsessed with it at the moment and spend most of the day singing along to the soundtrack. Congrats Frozen on the Golden Globe win!!!! Also, who doesn't love coloring. This is what I do at work when I run out of work stuff. 

(Four) Plotting a Princess Sofia party for Little Girrafe. I know I still have a couple months but I get a little crazy party planning so early is key!

(Five) I'm loving this super easy infinity scarf I made out of an old tank top! I'll be doing a blog about it later this week. Bonus: seriously, Thais face kills me. Her personality is so big it just can't fit in such a little Girrafe. 


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