Five on Friday

Linking back up for Five on Friday!!!!! What a week it has been, but there are a lot of great moments. I really enjoy picking out five random moments from my crazy week to just enjoy. 

(one) With Hubbins being gone a lot lately the girls and I have taken to movie nights and lots....I MEAN LOTS....of puzzles. I am very much looking forward to a family weekend. 

(two) we rearranged the girls' room last week and created a reading nook fit for a princess! 

(Three) my girls and niece are all sick so yesterday was a lot of cuddles and giggles. 

(Four) seriously valentines is in just a few weeks. So Ladybug and I will be making Valentine's for her class this coming week! And Hubbins and I will be planning date night. 

(Five) this moment yesterday morning. After all three girls went back to sleep for an early nap and I did some yoga, I got 30mins of me time to unwind. 


  1. A nook fit for a princess for sure! SO SWEET! Bless!
    Happy weekend, love! xx


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