Magic Cuddles

Last week was a struggle on so many levels for our house hold. After two weeks of time off and bonding time and some wonderful much needed escape from reality, we had to go back to normalcy. Monday was the end of our family fort of hiding. On top of that we attempted to join our church in a fast. (We quickly discovered that a much simpler route would be needed to survive or our house would implode.) So, with some serious adjustments, a lot of stress and more than likely a few more factors, I felt very out of sorts. To some extend I still feel disconnected. I was craving the quiet down time where I could simply shut down and ignore the world. But as life of a mom, babysitter, wife and more that was not in the picture, so I lashed out or bottled up emotions. As I am sure you can imagine, it had been a very bad week.

Then Thursday night while my husband was at work the girls and I crashed out with my sis in law to be and the kids. It was a great evening. The kids ran through the house filling it with laughter and craziness. And after Sis to be and I got to have some bonding time. I am really enjoying getting to know her more and I am so glad my brother and her found each other.

However, relaxing and nice all of that was the best part had yet to come. After some game show channel addiction, I was ready for bed. As I got down stairs, I couldn't help but smile. In the big guest bed were my two little girls all snuggled up and dreaming. I wiggled into the bed and snuggled Jozy close while Ladybug reached out for my hand. For the first time in a very long time I fell right to sleep. All the stress and anxiety of the day wiped away as I slept and I woke up feeling refreshed.

There is a magic in cuddles with my girls. They heal almost as well as Mommy kisses on owies. It refills the soul and spirit. We don't usually practice in co-sleeping but whenever asked or whenever I can come up with a good excuse, I totally let the girls snuggle into our bed. I sleep better and feel like at night my worries are whisked away into the great beyond. I wake up refreshed and that night was no exception. My mama heart was refilled and spirit was regenerated. I dreamed of rainbows and unicorns. I felt at peace holding the hand of my oldest and with my baby pressed close to me. It was magic and perfect on so many levels.


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