My Bucket List

At the begining of January the Grear Fall Tribune did a Montana Bucket List. I love this idea and since there is so much to do and see here in Montana, I decided to make my own. I have done some of the things on my list but I want to do these as a family with Hubbins and the girls. The goal is to do it all in 2014. Wish me luck!  (I did steal some from the Tribunes list)

1. Experience Yellowstone in all four seasons
2. Explore Glacier by foot, boat and car
3. Hike in the Bob Marshal
4. Float the Missouri River
5. Follow the Dinosaur trail and visit the museums.
6. Make music at the Ring Rocks of Pipestone
7. Visit the battlefields through out Montana
8. Lewis and Clark Caverns
9. Red Ants Pants Music Festival in White Sulphur
10. Ross Creek Giant Cedars Grove near Troy
11. Visit Elkhorn and Garnet Ghost towns
12. See the Race to the Sky Dog sled race in Lincoln
13. Skydive at Lost Pairie in Kalispell
14. See Kootenai Falls between Troy and Libby
15. Memorial Falls in Monarch
16. Pictograph Cave park in Billings
17. Continental Divid
18. Virgina City
19. Parrot Confectionery in Helena's last Chance Gulch
20. Havre beneath the streets
21. Pan for gold
22. Watch the stars on Rogers Pass
23. Pick cherries at Flatehead lake
24. Sorehead Cafe in Rudyard
25. Tour the old Deer Lodge prison
26. Berkeley Pit in Butte
27. Copper king mansion in Butte
28. Evil Keniveal days in Butt
29. Nevada City
30. Daly Mansion in Hamilton
31. Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman
32. Ride a train across the high line
33. Charles M Russell Wildlife Refuge in the fall
34. St Patty's day in Butte
35. Fourth of July in Choteau
36. Whitefish mountain resort in Kalispell
37. Bamnack State Park
38. Virgelle Ghost Town
39. Cut Banks 27 foot Penguin
40. Out to Lunch at Caras Park in Missoula
41. Loll and Chico hotsprings
42. Hear elk bugle in Mammoth
43. Potato Festival
44. Sleep in a tree house
45. Visit random small town shops and restaurants
46. Seeley lake
47. Augusta rodeo
48, Glacier Maze
49. White water rapids
50. Go on a horse back adventure
51. Go to a cat/griz football game
52. Visit quake lake
53. Grant Khors Ranch
54. Spend a night at the Grand Union in Fort Benton
55. Go to an Inidan celebration
56. Ice skate on Woodland Park lake in Kalispell
57. Hike the Sluice Boxes
58. Gates of the Mountains
59.participate in small town celebrations
60. Mine for sapphires
61. Watch the sunrise from on top of a bluff, mountain, plateau, ext....
62. Fly fish
63. Visit the four corners of Montana
64. Participate in a reenactment
65. Rock climb


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