Trendy tot Tuesday: wild side with pink

Another Tuesday and another Trendy tot! Though, this week it won't just be about clothes. Here in Montana, we start 2014 with some crazy beautiful weather. Since weather around here is ever changing, we take every oppritunity to get outside and explore. Since, one of our family goals is to be more active and take the dogs on more walks, it made perfect sense to take the girls exploring along the river. Since the girls were a little fancy for our walk, I decided it would be great to get some pictures. As always the girls were a mix of annoyance and happy to be a model. So, today I am going to show off some of my favorites for the walk. 
The tutus were Christmas presents for their Grandma and fit their wild personalities that day. Ok, most days. I kinda love that Bug choose a leopard print poncho to go with the zebra print tutu. Not sure it's fashion forward but I do know she is super cute. I still have control over Jozy's wardrobe. Granted only because she can't reach all her clothes. So, we went with a black hoodie to match a little better. 
Hubbins had gone down to let the dogs get a drink in the stream. Right, after this picture the girls lost sight of them and decided they could handle the rocky terrain. 

So, we took the main trail into Giant Springs and did some exploring. See those waves? Yeah, about five minutes into the walk a cold wind started but the girls were troopers. Of course, letting them carry sticks helped a lot. 
The girls loved watching the pelicans and I got some cute pictures. 
At this point it got really cold and windy, so Hubbins took the dogs to get our car. The girls and I were suppose to warm little hands in the heated bathroom. That is genius by the way and thank you to whoever thought to have heated bathrooms in the park! However, that didn't last long. The girls found an ice puddle and some trees. 
I loved everything about this day. I love that we took time to build this memory with our girls. I love their smiles and I love the cold hugs and warm cocoa that waited back at home. 


  1. Love your blog name, I am a redhead!!! My daughter goes back & forth between blonde & red, I'm hoping it goes red!! ;)

    1. I so wanted my girls to have red hair like me. But it just wasn't meant to be. However they most certainly have the personality to go with red hair.


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