Trendy Tot Tuesday

Yay for Tuesday and some more Trendy tot fun!!!  It's also my 200th posts (in my head balloons and confetti falls from the sky as I type that!) I though about doing a special post but I feel that talking about 
the girls and their fashion seems very fitting. So, here are some of my favorite outfits this week.

Tuesdays are usually my relax and bum around days since I work over night Monday and Tuesday then babysit during the day. I love their relaxed outfits from last Tuesday. 

Her rock star look. I love it!!!!!

Jeans/shirt are both hand me downs. The jeans are actually boy jeans from her cousin but they have become my favorite pair she owns. I love them and so does she. I think next week, I will do a post about how versatile they can be. 

Dress:children's place
Scarf:homemade infinity scarf

Since we are potty training, little Giraffe had two outfits this day. I love this shirt turned dress! It's a few sizes too big but I just think it makes the cutest dress. 

Sunday, we went out to my dad's to celebrate their uncle's 17th birthday. It's was such a fun family dinner and the girls had a blast playing with their cousins. 

Poncho: not sure bought at a consignment sale
Skirt: shopkk

Poncho: children's place but bought from a consignment store a few years back
Leggings: target
Skirt: oldnavy
Boots: target


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