Trendy Tot Tuesday: shoe fun

Yay for Tuesday and some Trendy Tot fun. Sunday my mil took the girls and me to target to get some new boots. The girls love their boots and wear them daily so they had a lot of wear. Right now Target is having an insane sale in kids stuff and the girls managed to score two pairs of new shoes! Yay!
Ladybug opted to go a different direction with her shoes. I have to say as much as I love boots, I adore her picks! 

Bug's rock star tennies! Enough said 

These were clearance shoes and oh so glittery. They are great for an active little princess pirate 

Jozy actually went with boots and got two awesome sets! 

We found these are clearance and both Jozy and me fell in love. This picture does not do the sparkly goodness justice!!!!

I love these cute boots but glad they were a second set since they won't go with everything. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm heading to Target right now! I love those black boots! Too cute!

    1. Oh and the picture just do them justice. I LOVE them and almost wish they came in adult. Also check out the clothes. The girls made out like bandits with all the sales going on.

  2. Those pink boots are adorable!!! I love Target!!

    1. I am slightly over obsessed with that store and seriously have to cut back going in. They are talkin about putting a super target in here and I think it will be way dangerous.


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