Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

(one) My handsome husband had a birthday tomorrow. I am so excited to celebrate with date night tonight and bowling with friends/family tomorrow. 
(two) On our trip home last Sunday, Jozy found the best hat. Hello, awesome raccoon hat! It's been a ton of fun to play with this week. 
(three) Rocking some awesome flash dance clothes for Dance class. Heck yeah! 
(four) For my birthday my mom got me this awesome pan and we have been making bug pancakes all week. It's a huge hit. 
(five) The girls are loving folding laundry. They do it all by themselves and Bug even got upset when I started our mount laundry without her the other day. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finish This

Five things I know for sure:

1. I love my family and it is by far the most important thing to me. I would do anything for my family. Not just my hubbins and girls (though they do out rank everyone else), but EVERYONE. My family is HUGE and crazy. There's a lot of give and take involved when dealing with everyone, but no matter what I love them dearly and couldn't image life with out each of them.

2. Writing is my stress relief. If I cant write or go a day without using the written word in some way, I feel lost. I write 99% of my blogs before I type them. I have kept a journal since I was old enough to write and when life feels like its closing in on me, I write. Heck, I also pray through writing. Religion is new to me and I find that I am more focused and in tune with God when I write out my prayers. Writing is my safe place and my daily dose of sanity.

3. There is no greater love than that of a Mom to her kids. I have said it often, but I didn't know what true and pure love was until I had my first daughter. And after having my second and feeling that love grow and wrap around our second was mind blowing. I called my mom that first year and thanked her for loving me. For supporting me and being there through all my teenage crazy. I am still in awe at how powerful my love for my kids can be. I am sure a father's love is just as rare and pure.

4..........wow, this just got super hard...........
Music can change my mood or heal my pains. There's something magical about music. A song can change my mood in a heart beat or explain what I am feeling and thinking. As I have gotten older certain songs have begun to take on new meanings and emotions. They speak to my soul.

5............ That I don't know a lot for certain. Life is always changing and there are not very many "for sures." I like that though. I love that life is constant change, theres a comfort in it. There is always potential to become a better person, change your destiny, embrace a new dream, and so much more. I love change.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trendy tot

Yay for my favorite link up and the one I look forward to every week, Trendy Tot Tuesday. I love my girls and their fashion. As they have gotten bigger, they have become a little more independent and their style has begun to change a little. Some of that is because I tend to gravitate toward clothes for little ladies. Not always, I am still a tshirt and jeans girl at heart so that is clearly represented when it comes to the girls. 
Anyway, a couple weekends ago my mom and I caught some killer sales for the girls and I want to share some of their looks from last week. 
Both shirts are from Crazy8 and ended up being only $1.19 each (SCORE!)
Bug's skirt is also from Crazy8 ($2.19) and Jozy's pants are from Children's Place ($1.99)
I love this Zebra shirt and it has become one of her favorites. 

I got the two hats the girls are wearing at Children's Place (2for$1)
The shirt and skirt are Crazy8 and the tights Target

Sweatshirt: Children's place ($5)
Jeans: hand me downs

These have to be one of my Favorite outfits from the week. (though we did have to change Jozy into jeans.) I also love the little raccoon hat we found on our trip home last weekend.

Vest/Shirt: Carters
Skirt/Pants: Target a few years back

Sweater:Shopko Vest(above pic): Carters

Ok, so this isn't a new dance outfit but it was so cute that she went very traditional. It's not something she does often so I had to document. I also just love her poses.

Shirt: Carters

Hoodie:Shopko (her favorite)


The crowns and shirts were their Vday gifts from Hubbins and me. The crowns were found in the target spot section for $1 and the girls love how easy they are to wear.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up today with Five on Friday. Its been a pretty amazing week, and I woke up this morning so excited for it to be Friday and looking forward to the weekend! 

(one) I saw this picture and thought how perfect. She is one of my favorite characters and her attitude is AWESOME. Also, this is something I try really really hard to do, especially lately. 

(two) I am still feeling the awesome Happiness powers from my trip to see Mom. It was the perfect end to last week and the best beginning to this one. I really think we should spend every Saturday or at least a Skype date on Sundays with Yaya. 

(three) This girl's posing for pictures. Bug is a natural born model and the way she contorts her body is a little insane. Also, she totally picked a traditional look for dance Tuesday which I love. She is usually very Punky Brewster with her outfits so a simple one always throws me. 
(four) This moment yesterday at lunch. We don't normally let the kids play with electronics while eating, but with the schedule and me not feeling good it was an easy compromise. Plus, she ate really well and got a kick out of her lunch meeting with Daddy. Some how both my girls have joined Team Daddy lately. Its ok though, secretly I love that they are Daddy Girls. 

(five) Tonight we are having a slumber party in the living room with the girls. I may or may not be more excited than the girls with this. YAY!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Silly sick Jozy

Jozy and I have this yucky cold that refuses to budge from our bodies, but especially from my giggly happy little girl. I hate when my girls are sick, I would gladly take the pain from them, even in my already weaker state. But last night after a really sad day, when I realized that Jozy would be 3 in a month, I got some unexpected mommy/Jozy time.

For some reason night time medicine makes, our girl super spazzy and last night she was a serious hoot. When I would say its time for bed, she would jump up tag me, giggle and run to hide. Shaking my smiling head I would give in for a split second and then scope her off to bed.. A few moments later she would be up with an awfu, cough. So, there would be more snuggles and lots of water. I really wanted to remember my silly little Girrafe who fights colds with giggles and smiles. And I want to Thank God for last night and the extra little time I so needed yesterday.

Some Jozy phrase......

"Mommy, when you are Becci's age will you get flowers all the time too?" Hubbins was not as amused as me by this statement. High five at the awesome hints little bit!

After a yawn, she turned her head from me and said "mommy, you no see that yawn. It wasn't a yawn, I just Me-ow....See no yawn, no bedtime." I couldn't help but laugh at this.

If she coughed she would try to cover it up with a silly song.

The list goes on and it went a long way to making me feel so much better.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finish This

1. I plan on buying... lots of party stuff for Jozy's bday next month. Bring on the Royal Ball for our little Sophia the First!!! Also, lots of green and new clothes for me once I am down a couple more sizes.....Fingers crossed it'll happen soon!
2. I give ____ five stars because...Someone has excellent service. A couple months back Hubbins and I took the girls to a fancy lunch. They were so excited to get to dress up and be just like FANCY NANCY. The waitress went above and beyond. She was super sweet to the girls, brought out complimentary fancy drinks and just made the whole experience that much fancy. Not only did I give her five stars, I also contacted her manger to tell him how impressed I was with her. I work at a hotel and know how important going above your job requirement is so I like to honor those that do. 
3. I felt courageous when...I had kids. I have always had a lot of confidence, but having kids has given me a whole new look on courage. You have to be courageous with kids. To discipline them, to teach them, to show them unconditional love. OK, the last one came naturally to me, but it doesn't always. And now a days moms are constantly fighting over how to be a mom. It takes a courageous person to stand up for themselves without joining in the fight. I try everyday to be that person, because I want my girls to know how important it is to support and love other females. Don't we have enough people judging us?
4. I feel about swimsuit shopping like I do...getting bite by a spider. I hate it. I am trying to lose weight and basically any clothing shopping has become a serious chore. So, swimsuit shopping is so not for me right now. Maybe later this year when its finally warm enough to swim, I'll feel different.

Recharge with a Yaya visit.

Sorry for the photo overload that is about to happen! Saturday, we made a day trip to see my Mom (AKA Yaya) and it was amazing. Spending time with my mom is an emotional and spiritual recharge for me. It really doesn't matter what we are doing, shopping, watching a movie, hanging out, etc.... But in truth, as amazing as my mom is, she is the best grandma EVER! The love and bond the girls share with her is stunning and inspiring. She is by far their favorite person and I love that. Mom is awesome and I love that she is such a huge part of our lives. Now if only we can move closer to her!
The road over was stunning! The mountains, the snow and the blue sky was CRAZY!

Ladybug saw this guy and had to have a picture. She was a little obsessed with him and told him a long story.
Making wishes with Yaya. My wish would be to move closer so we can have more awesome days together! I sure do miss her. 
Yaya's shopping buddy. She is a serious shopper indeed. 

She was dancing while Yaya made music. Seriously, the children museum trip was my favorite part. Its awesome to sit back and watch them bond. 

Pondering Yaya's Bug-a-tous-itous. I will never get enough of my kids' imaginations. They floor me sometimes.

Checking her heart to see how many bugs were around it. Bad news bears for Yaya. Good thing the cure is lots of love and kisses from our Ladybug.

After a busy day of shopping and playing, we all went back to the hotel. The girls quickly cuddled up with Yaya for some stories and a movie. It was really hard to say goodbye, but at least she will be visiting next month when Jozy turns 3.
Sorry, for the blurry pic but this was the following morning and I loved their little outfits. Bug's shirt says "What does the fox say?" and Jozy's is a supergirl complete with pink cape.

And then another gorgeous ride home though the ride back was a little scary with all the crazy wind and icy roads. 

Thanks for hanging with us, Yaya! We can't wait to see you next month. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Trendy tot

So, I had this plan to do a Trendy Tot post of all the great clothes we got over the weekend. The sales were unreal and my girls SCORED BIG! However, its also been a busy and crazy couple of days so pictures did not get taken. Instead, I am going to share a couple of my favorite outfits from this weekend. 

Shirt.skirt: they were actually Shopko finds. I got them on sale and LOVE how versatile they can be.
Shirt: Gymboree about two years ago. Though she is rocking her awesome Sofia amulet and earrings.

Jeans: Target/Hoodie: Children's Place
Leggings: Target/Coat: Carter's (and the best snuggle coat EVER! It is crazy soft)