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1. I plan on buying... lots of party stuff for Jozy's bday next month. Bring on the Royal Ball for our little Sophia the First!!! Also, lots of green and new clothes for me once I am down a couple more sizes.....Fingers crossed it'll happen soon!
2. I give ____ five stars because...Someone has excellent service. A couple months back Hubbins and I took the girls to a fancy lunch. They were so excited to get to dress up and be just like FANCY NANCY. The waitress went above and beyond. She was super sweet to the girls, brought out complimentary fancy drinks and just made the whole experience that much fancy. Not only did I give her five stars, I also contacted her manger to tell him how impressed I was with her. I work at a hotel and know how important going above your job requirement is so I like to honor those that do. 
3. I felt courageous when...I had kids. I have always had a lot of confidence, but having kids has given me a whole new look on courage. You have to be courageous with kids. To discipline them, to teach them, to show them unconditional love. OK, the last one came naturally to me, but it doesn't always. And now a days moms are constantly fighting over how to be a mom. It takes a courageous person to stand up for themselves without joining in the fight. I try everyday to be that person, because I want my girls to know how important it is to support and love other females. Don't we have enough people judging us?
4. I feel about swimsuit shopping like I do...getting bite by a spider. I hate it. I am trying to lose weight and basically any clothing shopping has become a serious chore. So, swimsuit shopping is so not for me right now. Maybe later this year when its finally warm enough to swim, I'll feel different.


  1. Getting dressed up for a special dinner is so much fun, glad you had fun! Thanks for joining the link-up too. =)

    1. Thanks. I really enjoy this link up.

  2. It does take courage to have kids and you need it for like the next 40 years or so! Some of them take a long time to get on their own feet

  3. I love the idea of taking your girls out for a fancy meal, and that waitress sounds extra sweet. I'm sure she really appreciated you taking the time to let her manager know what you thought :)


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