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Five things I know for sure:

1. I love my family and it is by far the most important thing to me. I would do anything for my family. Not just my hubbins and girls (though they do out rank everyone else), but EVERYONE. My family is HUGE and crazy. There's a lot of give and take involved when dealing with everyone, but no matter what I love them dearly and couldn't image life with out each of them.

2. Writing is my stress relief. If I cant write or go a day without using the written word in some way, I feel lost. I write 99% of my blogs before I type them. I have kept a journal since I was old enough to write and when life feels like its closing in on me, I write. Heck, I also pray through writing. Religion is new to me and I find that I am more focused and in tune with God when I write out my prayers. Writing is my safe place and my daily dose of sanity.

3. There is no greater love than that of a Mom to her kids. I have said it often, but I didn't know what true and pure love was until I had my first daughter. And after having my second and feeling that love grow and wrap around our second was mind blowing. I called my mom that first year and thanked her for loving me. For supporting me and being there through all my teenage crazy. I am still in awe at how powerful my love for my kids can be. I am sure a father's love is just as rare and pure., this just got super hard...........
Music can change my mood or heal my pains. There's something magical about music. A song can change my mood in a heart beat or explain what I am feeling and thinking. As I have gotten older certain songs have begun to take on new meanings and emotions. They speak to my soul.

5............ That I don't know a lot for certain. Life is always changing and there are not very many "for sures." I like that though. I love that life is constant change, theres a comfort in it. There is always potential to become a better person, change your destiny, embrace a new dream, and so much more. I love change.


  1. Totally agree about a mother's love .... I'm grateful to be Kamden's mom and my mom's daughter because she's pretty freakin' amazing!!!!!


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