Five on Friday

Yay, for five on Friday with hosted by these awesome ladies.......

I love looking back each week and finding five (or more) of the great things going on or about to happen!!!!

(One) Last Saturday, we celebrated my awesome nieces 3rd birthday! She is so much like her mom and full of spunk. I can't believe she is already 3 years old. 
Seriously, is she not divalicious?!

(two) Wed. small group started back up and it is sooooo nice to get back in the swing of things and catch up with people. I am so excited for this semester. 

(three) My baby still twirls her hair when sleepy. She had done it since she was a teeny tiny baby. We snuggle up for nap time and it reminds me of how little she is still. That time may not be rushing as fast as we thought, but perhaps we are rushing to much to pause and enjoy. I vow to pause a whole lot more. 

(four) catching some love moments with Bug and Hubbins. This was after a really rough morning and talk. But this seemed to be just what everyone needed. Fives may not be my all time fav age but I'm remembering that sometimes some extra love is all my girl needs. 

(five) getting photos from my awesome sister in law. I wish we lived closer to my brother and his little family. And I am dying to hold my new baby niece and love on her. So, getting a picture of their happy life makes my heart sore. I love and miss you guys so much and Thanks!!

This week has hard a lot of ups and downs but I am loving finding the silver lining. It is beautiful!!!


  1. My 24 year-old sister still twirls her hair when she's bored/sleepy. lol Your girls are precious!


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