Five on Friday

Linking up today with Five on Friday. Its been a pretty amazing week, and I woke up this morning so excited for it to be Friday and looking forward to the weekend! 

(one) I saw this picture and thought how perfect. She is one of my favorite characters and her attitude is AWESOME. Also, this is something I try really really hard to do, especially lately. 

(two) I am still feeling the awesome Happiness powers from my trip to see Mom. It was the perfect end to last week and the best beginning to this one. I really think we should spend every Saturday or at least a Skype date on Sundays with Yaya. 

(three) This girl's posing for pictures. Bug is a natural born model and the way she contorts her body is a little insane. Also, she totally picked a traditional look for dance Tuesday which I love. She is usually very Punky Brewster with her outfits so a simple one always throws me. 
(four) This moment yesterday at lunch. We don't normally let the kids play with electronics while eating, but with the schedule and me not feeling good it was an easy compromise. Plus, she ate really well and got a kick out of her lunch meeting with Daddy. Some how both my girls have joined Team Daddy lately. Its ok though, secretly I love that they are Daddy Girls. 

(five) Tonight we are having a slumber party in the living room with the girls. I may or may not be more excited than the girls with this. YAY!


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