Lessons My Girl Taught Me

Sometimes it's important to learn from our kids. This weekend Hubbins and I took each girl on a date for some one on one time. Ladybug and I got to go on ours Saturday. There was Chinese, shopping and lots of laughter.  Somewhere during the random wandering, I found my silly little girl again. Ladybug remind me of important it is to slow down. That when life seems a little out of control and stressed, the best thing you can do is unplug and tune into your loved ones. 
The ferocious fives may not be the easiest but boy, my girl is smart. She knew all we needed was a few kisses, some hugs and a whole lot of giggles. She needed mommy all to herself. She needed to be heard and seen. To not fight for the spot light. My girl just needed to know she mattered. It's easy to get caught up in everything. To focus on the crying baby, the potty training toddler, the crazy nephews, and somewhere in all that and the rest of life, my ladybug felt lost. Felt forgotten. So, last Saturday I learned to embrace some one on one. To take the time and really listen to my girl. Because Ladybug is incredible! Feisty, sassy, sweet, smart and perfectly fabulously five! I'm going to work harder on being mommy.
Thank you, Baby girl for teaching mommy how to slow down and see how awesome this stage is. I love you, Bug!!!!!!


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