Mommy thoughts: parenting isn't always easy

Usually on Tuesdays I do a Trendy tot but it just didn't seem like the right post today. Since I started this blog to document our lives and raising our feisty girls, I thought I would talk a little about that. Since, January was a challenging month for Hubbins and me as parents, I want to talk about that. I have always worked hard to embrace each age or stage of the girls' lives. I don't look back to often and even more rarely ponder what the future brings. (Ok, this whole both kids in school next year is killing me but otherwise I do pretty good).
 That being said, boy do I miss Bug being 4. We survived the terrible twos and the not so terrific threes, and were rewarded with fantastic fours. Bug embraced being sweet, loving, kind, and full of wonder. It was AMAZING! (I feel like someone should be saying 'dun dun duuuunnn'") Fives came along and all of a sudden, we have a mini teen wanna be. The attitude and sass is a little much. I love her and for the most part the crazy, but holy moley. It doesn't help that I am a bit of a push over, though I am working on it. Yesterday was the hardest day with the attitude. I won't go into detail, but I think Hubbins and me realized that it was time for more responsibility for a little Ladybug. Maybe a little more long talks to helping her see that sometimes her actions or words hurt. That everything has a consequence, good or bad. And there is a lot of good. It just time to find my goofy rock star again. 
No, things aren't all bad with her. Yes, this seems to be the most challenging age so far, but it also comes with a ton of laughter. She's really fine tuning her personality and sense of self. She has rekindle her love of music and makes up a ton of songs. She's also tender and sensitive. So, after that really tough morning and very hard and long talk, there was this moment......

It took my breath away watching Hubbins and Bug together. You can see the mix of emotions and strength of love.
Not to be left out Lil Girrafe has become a little mischief maker. She most certainly must be part elf or leperchan. The little bit is always seeking adventure and thrills. She's also gotten very good at using her puppy dog eyes for evil. The girl can get away with anything.
If you read all the way through, I hope you understand that I love my girls with my whole heart. Hubbins and I have a wonderful life and the center of all that is our littles. But life isn't a perfect fairy tale. It has ups downs and crazy twists. Being a parent is the most difficult and rewarding job ever. It's something I would never trade, but I don't want to lie. I want to remember the hard times too because they make the good blindingly beautiful. The good does out weigh the bad but today, I need to write about both.


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