Five on Friday:LOVE

(One) Today I am joining with fellow bloggers to help spread the word of  Teddy and his family. Teddy was diagnosed with Menkes diesease. It's a terminal illness and one that isn't well know. However, his family is helping spread the word and hopefully help others going through such a hard time. As a mom, I can't image what Teddy's mom feels everyday but I am in awe of her strength. Since, finding out about this incredible family earlier in the week. I have done a lot of reading about the family and syndrome. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. If you'd like to know more please go Here and let's all help support #teamteddy
P.s. The girls think a Teddy is ADORABLE and want to wish him a happy valentines day. 

(Two) I am not a big lets go on a date valentine person. Honestly, I don't you should need a special day to show love. However, I love celebrating with the girls. My mom always went out of her way to make holidays special, even the minor ones like Vday and st Patty's. I remember feeling so special and loved, so I have contuied the tradition with our girls. This year was double, or triple the fun! Seriously, how cute are the monster pencils. It was blast making them with the girls. Check out Bug's glue gun skills! 

(Three) I love doing the girls' hair. I try to make it a fun bonding moment and lots if fun. Since it's Vday, I thought the girls should rock some hearts. This was seriously, the easiest hair style. 

(Four) this two have become best of friends. Jozy is great with both our dogs. But when ever she can, Harley will come curl up with Jozy. It's the cutest thing and I hope this bond grows stronger because there's something special about the love between dog and human. 

(Five) My two valentines and two of my three best loves. Plus, matching sweater dressed that I found for $5 and was able to get a little big so they can use them come Christmas time! LOVE

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and has a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Love the heart hairstyles! Sooo cute and perfect for V-day!


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