Recharge with a Yaya visit.

Sorry for the photo overload that is about to happen! Saturday, we made a day trip to see my Mom (AKA Yaya) and it was amazing. Spending time with my mom is an emotional and spiritual recharge for me. It really doesn't matter what we are doing, shopping, watching a movie, hanging out, etc.... But in truth, as amazing as my mom is, she is the best grandma EVER! The love and bond the girls share with her is stunning and inspiring. She is by far their favorite person and I love that. Mom is awesome and I love that she is such a huge part of our lives. Now if only we can move closer to her!
The road over was stunning! The mountains, the snow and the blue sky was CRAZY!

Ladybug saw this guy and had to have a picture. She was a little obsessed with him and told him a long story.
Making wishes with Yaya. My wish would be to move closer so we can have more awesome days together! I sure do miss her. 
Yaya's shopping buddy. She is a serious shopper indeed. 

She was dancing while Yaya made music. Seriously, the children museum trip was my favorite part. Its awesome to sit back and watch them bond. 

Pondering Yaya's Bug-a-tous-itous. I will never get enough of my kids' imaginations. They floor me sometimes.

Checking her heart to see how many bugs were around it. Bad news bears for Yaya. Good thing the cure is lots of love and kisses from our Ladybug.

After a busy day of shopping and playing, we all went back to the hotel. The girls quickly cuddled up with Yaya for some stories and a movie. It was really hard to say goodbye, but at least she will be visiting next month when Jozy turns 3.
Sorry, for the blurry pic but this was the following morning and I loved their little outfits. Bug's shirt says "What does the fox say?" and Jozy's is a supergirl complete with pink cape.

And then another gorgeous ride home though the ride back was a little scary with all the crazy wind and icy roads. 

Thanks for hanging with us, Yaya! We can't wait to see you next month. 


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