Short and sweet: sister moment

It's been a rough week and I have two little girls waiting for sleepy cuddles and stories. But I want to remember these moments tonight with them. After we settle into the big bed (since Hubbins isn't home) and I give kisses, the girls start talking about their future cars. Bug's will be pink with flames and spider webs. It'll be big like her aunt's. Jozy's will be a purple sparkly princess covered truck. 

What made this moment was listening them talk about picking each other up. They will go shopping, to the park, and school. They talked about these little adventures and snuggled up close. Jozy constantly calls Bug, her big sister who protects her and tonight Ladybug proudly showed how excited she was to pick lil sister up from school one day and take her to all these fun moments. 

Girls, when you refs this down the road, look back and remember your love for one another. If you are having a fight (you will, sisters/siblings do) remember that it wasn't so long ago you loved deeply. That you couldn't wait to share your cars and adventures. I hope that after reading this, you snuggle together and talk about those adventures little you are dreaming about now. I hope you plan for more, maybe a road trip. But at least a trip to the park. 

I love you both!!!


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